. 2
( 8)


t16 = t32>>16, x = (x-t.16) + (x<t16) )
#else I* !AVOID-JUMPS (default) *I
#define MUL(x,y) \
((t16 = (y)) ?\
(x=lowl6(x)) ?\
t32 = (word32)x*t16, \
x = low16(t32), \
t16 = t32>>16, \
x = (x-t16)+(x<t16) \
(x = l-t16) \
(x = l-x))

static void

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ideaciphercbyte *inbuf, byte *outbuf, word16 *key)

register uintl6 xl, x2, x3, x4, ˜2, ˜3;
word16 *in , *out;
register uint.16 t16; I* Temporaries needed by MUL macro *I
register word32 t32;

in = (word16 *)inbuf;
x2 = *in++.
xl = *in++.
x3 = *in++; x4 = *in;
xl = (xl >>8) ( (x1<(8);
x2 = (x2 >>8) I (x2<(8);
x3 = (x3 >>8) I (x3<(8);
x4 = (x4 >>8) I (x4<<8);
do I
x2 += *key++;
x3 += *key++;
MUL(x4, *key++);

s3 = x3;
x3 A= xl;
MUL(x3, *key++);
s2 = x2;
x2 n= x4;
x2 += x3;
MUL(x2, *key++);
x3 += x2:

x4 A= x3;
xl A= x2;

x2 A= s3; x3 A= s2;
I while (--t-j;
MUL(xl, *key++);
x3 += *key++;
x2 += *key++;
MUL(x4, *key);

out = (word16 *)outbuf;
*out++ = xl;
*out++ = x3;
*out++ = x2;
*out = x4;
#else I* !HIGHFIRST *I
*out++ = (xl >>8) I (x1<<8);
*out++ = (x3 >>8) I (x3<<8);
*out++ = (x2 >>8) I (x2<(8);
*out = (x4 >>8) ( (x4<(8);

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Source Code

1 I* ideacipher *I

void idea-keycidea-ctx *c, unsigned char *key)1

char *data, int blocks11
void idea-enccidea-ctx *c, unsigned
int i;
unsigned char *d = data;


char *data, int blocks){
void idea-deccidea-ctx *c, unsigned
int i;
unsigned char *d = data;


#include <stdio.h>

#ifndef BLOCKS
#ifndef KBYTES
#define KBYTES 1024
#define BLOCKS (64*KBYTES)

I* Test driver for IDEA cipher *I
int i, j, k;
idea-ctx c;
byte userkeyLl61;
word32 long-block[lOl; I* 5 blocks *I
long 1;
char *lbp;

I* Make a sample user key for testing... */
for(i=O; i<16; i++)
userkeyCi1 = i+l;


I* Make a sample plaintext pattern for testing... */

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for (k=O; k<8; k++)
XX[kl = k;

idea-enc(&c,XX,l); /* encrypt */

lbp = (unsigned char *) long-block;
for(i=O;i<lO;i++) long-block[il = i;
for(i=O;i<lO;i+=Z) printf("Block %Old = %081x %081x.\n",


for(i=O;i<lO;i+=2) printf("Block %Old = %081x %081x.\n",

/* normal exit */
return 0;
1 I* main *I

typedef unsigned long u4;
typedef unsigned char byte;

typedef struct 1
u4 k[81;
/* Constant s-boxes -- set up in gostLinit0. */
char k87[256l,k65[256l,k43[256l,k21[2561;
J gost-ctx;

encrypt and decrypt expect full blocks--padding blocks is
/* Note:
All bulk encryption is done in
caller's responsibility.
ECB mode by these calls. Other modes may be added easily
void gost-enc(gost-ctx *, u4 *, int);
void gost-dec(gost-ctx *, u4 *, int);
void gost-keycgost-ctx *, u4 *);
void gost-initcgost-ctx *);
void gost-destroy(gost-ctx *);

-alpha /* Any other 64.bit machines? */
typedef unsigned int word32;
typedef unsigned long word32;

kboxinit(gost-ctx *c)
int i;

byte k8[161 = (14, 4, 13, 1, 2, 15, 11, 8, 3, 10, 6,
9, 0, 7 I;
12, 5,
byte k7C161 = 115, 1, 8, 14, 6, 11, 3, 4, 9, 7, 2,

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Source Code

13, 12, 0, 5, 10 );
byte k6[161 = 110, 0, 9, 14, 6, 3, 15, 5, 1, 13, 12,
7, 11, 4, 2, 8 I;
byte k5[161 = 1 7, 13, 14, 3, 0, 6, 9, 10, 1, 2, 8,
5, 11, 12, 4, 15 I;
byte k4[161 = ( 2, 12, 4, 1, 7, 10, 11, 6, 8, 5, 3,
15, 13, 0, 14, 9 I;
byte k3[161 = 112, 1, 10, 15, 9, 2, 6, 8, 0, 13, 3,
4, 14, 7, 5, 11 1;
byte k2[161 = ( 4, 11, 2, 14, 15, 0, 8, 13, 3, 12, 9,
7, 5, 10, 6, 1 I;
k1[163 = 113, 2, 8, 4, 6, 15, 11, 1, 10,
byte 9, 3,
14, 5, 0, 12, 7 I;
for (i = 0; i < 256; i++) I
c->k87[i] = k8Ci >> 41 << 4 1 k7[i & 151;
c->k65[i] = k6[i >> 41 << 4 ( k5[i & 151;
c->k43[i] = k4[i >> 41 << 4 1 k3Ci & 151;
c->k2l[i] = k2[i >> 41 << 4 1 klCi & 151;

static word32
f(gost-ctx *c,word32 x)
x = c->k87[x>>24 & 2553 << 24 1 c->k65[x>>16 & 2551 << 16 1
c->k43[x>> 8 & 2551 << 8 I c->kPlCx & 2551;

/* Rotate left 11 bits */
return x<<ll I x>>(32-11);

void gostcrypt(gost-ctx *c, word32 *d)(
register word32 nl, n2; /* As named in the GOST */

nl = d[Ol;
n2 = d[ll;

/* Instead of swapping halves, swap names each round */
n2 A= f(c,nl+c->k[O]); nl I\= f(c,nZ+c->k[ll);
n2 A= f(c,nl+c->k[21); nl h= f(c,n2+c->k[31);
n2 h= f(c,nl+c->k[41); nl II= f(c,n2+c->k[51);
n2 h= f(c,nl+c->k[6]); nl h= f(c,n2+c->k[71);

n2 I\= f(c,nl+c->k[O]); nl h= f(c,n2+c->k[ll);
n2 A= f(c,nl+c->k[2]); nl n= f(c,n2+c->k[31);
n2 h= f(c,nl+c->k[4]); nl h= f(c,n2+c->k[51);
n2 h= f(c,nl+c->k[6]); nl I\= f(c,n2+c->k[71):

n2 h= f(c,nl+c->k[O]); nl I\= f(c,n2+c->k[ll
n2 A= f(c,nl+c->k[21); nl A= f(c,n2+c->k[31
n2 h= f(c,nl+c->k[4]); nl h= f(c,n2+c->k[51
n2 h= f(c,nl+c->kC61); nl h= f(c,n2+c->k[71

n2 h= f(c,nl+c->k[71); nl n= f(c,n2+c->k[61
n2 A= f(c,nl+c->k[51); nl n= f(c,n2+c->k[41

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n2 n= f(c,nl+c->k[3]); nl h= f(c,n2+c->k[21);
n2 I\= f(c,nl+c->k[ll); nl A= f(c,nZ+c->k[Ol);

d[Ol = n2; d[ll = nl;

gostdecrypt(gostLctx *c, u4 *d)(
register word32 nl, n2; /* As named in the GOST */

nl = d[Ol; n2 = d[ll;

n2 A= f(c,nl+c->k[O]); nl A= f(c,n2+c->k[ll);
n2 n= f(c,nl+c->k[21); nl h= f(c,nZ+c->k[31);
n2 n= f(c,nl+c->k[4]); nl A= f(c,nZ+c->k[51);
n2 A= f(c,nl+c->k[61); nl I\= f(c,nZ+c->kC71);

n2 A= f(c,nl+c->k[7]); nl A= f(c,n2+c->k[61);
n2 I\= f(c,nl+c->k[51); nl n= f(c,n2+c->k[41);
n2 n= f(c,nl+c->k[31); nl h= f(c,n2+c->k[21);
n2 A= f(c,nl+c->k[l]); nl h= f(c,n2+c->k[Ol);

n2 A= f(c,nl+c->k[7]); nl n= f(c,n2+c->k[61);
n2 h= f(c,nl+c->k[5]); nl I\= f(c,n2+c->k[41);
n2 A= f(c,nl+c->k[31); nl I\= f(c,n2+c->kC21);
n2 h= f(c,nl+c->k[ll); nl h= f(c,n2+c->k[Ol);

n2 h= f(c,nl+c->k[7]); nl A= f(c,n2+c->k[61);
n2 n= f(c,nl+c->k[5]); nl A= f(c,n2+c->k[41);
n2 n= f(c,nl+c->k[3]); nl h= f(c,n2+c->k[21);
n2 n= f(c,nl+c->k[l]); nl n= f(c,n2+c->k[Ol);

d[Ol = n2; d[ll = nl;

void gost-enc(gost-ctx *c, u4 *d, int blocks)1
int i;


void gost-dec(gost-ctx *c, u4 *d, int blocks){
int i;


void gost-key(gost-ctx *c, ˜4 *k)l
int i;
for(i=O;i<8;i++) c->k[il=kCil;

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Source Code

void gost-initcgost-ctx *c)l

void gost-destroy(gost-ctx *c)l
int i;
for(i=O;i<8;i++) c->k[il=O;

void main(void)l
gost-ctx gc;
u4 k[8l,data[lOl;
int i:

/* Initialize GOST context. */

/* Prepare key--a simple key should be OK, with this many rounds! */
for(i=O;i<8;i++) k[i] = i;

/* Try some test vectors. */
data[Ol = 0; dataCl1 = 0;
printf("Enc of zero vector: %081x %08lx\n",data[0l,data[ll);
printf("Enc of above: %081x %08lx\n",data[0l,data[13);
data[Ol = Oxffffffff; dataCl1 = Oxffffffff;
printf("Enc of ones vector: %081x %081x\n",data[0l,data[ll);
printf("Enc of above: %081x %08lx\n",data[0l,data[ll);

/* Does gost-deco properly reverse gost-encO? Do
we deal OK with single-block lengths passed in gostLdecO?
Do we deal OK with different lengths passed in? */

/* Init data *I
for(i=O;i<lO;i++) data[il=i;

/* Encrypt data as 5 blocks. */

/* Display encrypted data. */
for(i=O;i<lO;i+=2) printf("Block %02d = %081x %081x\n",

/* Decrypt in different sized chunks. */

/* Display decrypted data. */

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for(i=O;i<lO;i+=2) printf("Block %02d = %081x %OElx\n",


#include <math.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h:
#include <time.h>

#ifdef little-endian /* Eg: Intel */
#include <alloc.h>

#include <ctype.h>

#ifdef little-endian /* Eg: Intel */
//include <dir.h>
#include <bios.h>

#ifdef big-endian
#include <Types.h>

typedef struct 1
unsigned long S[41[2561,P[181;
I blf-ctx; .

#define MAXKEYBYTES 56 /* 448 bits */
// #define little-endian 1 /* Eg: Intel */
#define big-endian 1 /* Eg: Motorola */

void Blowfish-encipher(blf_ctx *,unsigned long *xl, unsigned long *xr);
void Blowfish-decipher(blf_ctx *,unsigned long *xl, unsigned long *xr);

#define N 16
#define noErr 0
#define DATAERROR -1
#define KEYBYTES 8

FILE* SubkeyFile;

unsigned long F(blf-ctx *bc, unsigned long x1
unsigned short a;
unsigned short b;
unsigned short c;
unsigned short d;
unsigned long y;

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Source Code

d =x & OxOOFF;
x >>= 8;
c =x & OxOOFF;
x >>= 8;
b =x & OxOOFF;
x >>= 8;
a =x & OxOOFF;
l/y = ((SCOl[al + S[llCbl) A S[21[cl) + S[3l[dl;
y = bc->S[Ol[al + bc->SCll[bl;
A bc->S[21[cl;
y = y + bc->S[3l[dl;

return y;

void Blowfish-encipher(blf_ctx *c,unsigned long *xl, unsigned long *xr)
unsigned long Xl;
unsigned long Xr;
unsigned long temp;
short i;

Xl = *x1;
Xr = *xr;

for (i = 0; i < N; ++i) I
Xl = Xl A c->P[il;
Xr = F(c,Xl) h Xr;

temp = Xl;
Xl = Xr;
Xr = temp;

temp = Xl;
Xl = Xr;
Xr = temp;

Xr = Xr h c->PCNl;
Xl = Xl n c->P[N + 11;

*x1 = Xl;
*xr = Xr:

void Blowfish-decipher(blf_ctx *c, unsigned long *xl, unsigned long *xr)
unsigned long Xl;
unsigned long Xr;
unsigned long temp;
short i;

Xl = *x1;
Xr = *xr;

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for (i = N + 1; i > 1; --i) {
Xl = Xl h c->P[i];
Xr = F(c,Xl) h Xr;

/* Exchange Xl and Xr */
temp = Xl;
Xl = Xr;
Xr = temp;

/* Exchange Xl and Xr */
temp = Xl;
Xl = Xr;
Xr = temp;

Xr = Xr h c->P[ll;
Xl = Xl A c->PCOl;

*x1 = Xl;
*xr = Xr:

short InitializeBlowfishCblf-ctx *c, char key[l, short keybytes)
short k;
short error;
short numread;
unsigned long data;
unsigned long datal;
unsigned long datar;

unsigned long ksO[l = {
Oxd1310ba6, Ox98dfb5ac, Ox2ffd72db, OxdOladfb7, Oxb8elafed, Ox6a267e96,
Oxba7c9045, Oxf12c7f99, Ox24a19947, Oxb3916cf7, Ox0801f2e2, Ox858efc16,
Ox636920d8, Ox71574e69, Oxa458fea3, Oxf4933d7e, OxOd95748f, Ox728eb658,
Ox718bcd58, Ox82154aee, Ox7b54a41d, Oxc25a59b5, Ox9c30d539, Ox2af26013,
Oxc5dlb023, Ox286085f0, Oxca417918, Oxb8db38ef, OxEe79dcb0, Ox603a180e,
Ox6c9eOe8b, OxbOle8a3e, Oxd71577c1, Oxbd314b27, Ox78af2fda, 0x55605˜60,
Oxe65525f3, Oxaa55ab94, 0x57489862, Ox63e81440, Ox55ca396a, Ox2aablOb6,
Oxb4cc5c34, Oxa15486af, Ox7c72e993, Oxb3ee1411, Ox636fbc2a,
Ox2ba9c55d, Ox741831f6, Oxce5c3e16, Ox9b87931e, Oxafd6ba33, Ox6c24cf5c,
Ox7a325381, 0x28958677, Ox3b8f4898, Ox6b4bb9af, Oxc4bfe8lb, 0x66282193,
Ox61d809cc, Oxfb21a991, Ox487cac60, Ox5dec8032, Oxef845d5d, Oxe98575b1,
Oxdc262302, Oxeb651b88, Ox23893e81, Oxd396acc5, OxOf6d6ff3, Ox83f44239,
Ox2eOb4482, Oxa4842004, Ox69cEf04a, Ox9elf9b5e, 0x21˜66842, Oxf6e96c9a,
Ox67Oc9c61, Oxabd388f0, Ox6a51aOd2, Oxd8542f68, Ox960fa728, Oxab5133a3,
Ox6eefObGc, Ox137a3be4, Oxba3bf050, Ox7efb2a98, Oxalf1651d, Ox39af0176,
Ox66ca593e, Ox82430e88, Ox8cee8619, Ox456f9fb4, Ox7d84a5c3, Ox3b8b5ebe,
Oxe06f75d8, 0x85˜12073, Ox401a449f, Ox56c16aa6, Ox4ed3aa62, Ox363f7706,
Oxlbfedf72, Ox429b023d, Ox37dOd724, OxdOOa1248, OxdbOfead3, Ox49flc09b,
OxO75372c9, Ox80991b7b, Ox25d479d8, Oxf6eEdef7, Oxe3fe501a, Oxb6794c3b,

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Source Code

Ox976ceObd, Ox04c006ba, Oxcla94fb6, Ox409f60c4, Ox5e5c9ec2, Ox196a2463,
Ox68fb6faf, Ox3e6c53b5, Ox1339b2eb, Ox3b52ec6f, Ox6dfc511f, Ox9b30952c,
0˜˜˜814544, OxafSebd09, Oxbee3d004, Oxde334afd, Ox660f2807, Ox192e4bb3,
OxcOcba857, Ox45c8740f, Oxd20b5f39, Oxb9d3fbdb, Ox5579cObd, Oxla60320a,
Oxd6alOOc6, Ox402c7279, Ox679f25fe, Oxfblfa3cc, Ox8ea5e9f8, Oxdb3222f8,
Ox3c7516df, Oxfd616b15, Ox2f501ec8, Oxad0552ab, Ox323db5fa, Oxfd238760,
Ox53317b48, Ox3eOOdf82, Ox9e5c57bb, OxcaGf8ca0, Oxla87562e, Oxdf1769db,
Oxd542a8f6, Ox287effc3, Oxac6732c6, OxEc4f5573, Ox695b27b0, Oxbbca58c8,
Oxelffa35d, Oxb8fOlla0, OxlOfa3d98, Oxfd2183b8, Ox4afcb56c, Ox2ddld35b,
Ox9a53e479, Oxb6f84565, Oxd28e49bc, Ox4bfb9790, Oxelddf2da, Oxa4cb7e33,
Ox62fb1341, Oxcee4c6e8, Oxef20cada, 0x36774˜01, Oxd07e9efe, Ox2bfllfb4,
Ox95dbda4d, Oxae909198, Oxeaad8e71, Ox6b93d5a0, OxdOEedldO, Oxafc725e0,
Ox8e3c5b2f, Ox8e7594b7, Ox8ff6e2fb, Oxf2122b64, Ox8888b812, Ox900dfOlc,
Ox4fad5ea0, Ox688fc31c, Oxdlcffl91, Oxb3a8clad, Ox2f2f2218, OxbeOe1777,
Oxea752dfe, Ox8b021fa1, Oxe5aOccOf, Oxb56f74e8, Ox18acf3d6, Oxce89e299,
Oxb4a84fe0, Oxfd13eOb7, Ox7cc43b81, Oxd2adaEd9, Ox165fa266, 0x80957705,
Ox93cc7314, Ox211a1477, Oxe6ad2065, Ox77b5fa86, Oxc75442f5, Oxfb9d35cf,
OxebcdafOc, Ox7b3e89a0, Oxd6411bd3, Oxaele7e49, Ox00250e2d, Ox2071b35e,
Ox226800bb, Ox57b8eOaf, Ox2464369b, Oxf009b91e, Ox5563911d, Ox59dfa6aa,
Ox78c14389, Oxd95a537f, Ox207d5ba2, Ox02e5b9c5, 0x83260376, Ox6295cfa9,
Oxllc81968, Ox4e734a41, Oxb3472dca, Ox7b14a94a, Oxlb510052, Ox9a532915,
Oxd60f573f, Oxbc9bc6e4, Ox2b60a476, Ox81e67400, Ox08ba6fb5, Ox571be91f,
Oxf296ec6b, Ox2aOdd915, Oxb6636521, Oxe7b9f9b6, Oxff34052e, 0˜˜5855664,
Ox53b02d5d, Oxa99f8fa1, Ox08ba4799, Ox6e85076al;
unsigned long ksl[l =I
Ox4b7a70e9, Oxb5b32944, Oxdb75092e, Oxc4192623, OxadGeaGbO, Ox49a7df7d,
Ox9cee60b8, Ox8fedb266, Oxecaa8c71, Ox699a17ff, Ox5664526c, OxcPbl9ee1,
Ox193602a5, Ox75094c29, Oxa0591340, Oxe4183a3e, Ox3f54989a, Ox5b429d65,
Ox6b8fe4d6, Ox99f73fd6, Oxald29c07, Oxefe830f5, Ox4d2d38e6, Oxf0255dc1,
Ox4cdd2086, Ox8470eb26, Ox6382e9c6, Ox021ecc5e, Ox09686b3f, Ox3ebaefc9,
Ox3c971814, Ox6b6a70a1, Ox687f3584, Ox52aOe286, Oxb79c5305, Oxaa500737,
Ox3e07841c, Ox7fdeae5c, Ox8e7d44ec, Ox5716f2b8, Oxb03ada37, Oxf0500cOd,
OxfOlclf04, Ox0200b3ff, OxaeOcf51a, Ox3cb574b2, Ox25837a58, Oxdc0921bd,
Oxd19113f9, Ox7ca92ff6, 0x94324773, Ox22f54701, Ox3ae5e581, Ox37c2dadc,
Oxc8b57634, Ox9af3dda7, Oxa9446146, OxOfd0030e, Oxecc8c73e, Oxa4751e41,
Oxe238cd99, Ox3beaOe2f, Ox3280bba1, Ox183eb331, Ox4e548b38, Ox4f6db908,
Ox6f420d03, Oxf60a04bf, Ox2cb81290, Ox24977c79, Ox5679b072, Oxbcaf89af,
Oxde9a771f, Oxd9930810, Oxb38bae12, Oxdccf3f2e, Ox5512721f, Ox2e6b7124,
Ox501adde6, Ox9f84cd87, Ox7a584718, Ox7408da17, Oxbcgfgabc, Oxe94b7d8c,
Oxec7aec3a, Oxdb85ldfa, 0x63094366, Oxc464c3d2, Oxeflc1847, Ox3215d908,
Oxdd433b37, Ox24c2ba16, Ox12a14d43, Ox2a65c451, 0x50940002, Ox133ae4dd,
Ox71dff89e, Ox10314e55, Ox81ac77d6, Ox5f11199b, Ox043556f1, Oxd7a3c76b,
Ox3c11183b, Ox5924a509, Oxf28fe6ed, Ox97flfbfa, OxgebabfEc, Oxle153c6e,
Ox86e34570, Oxeae96fb1, Ox860e5eOa, Ox5a3e2ab3, Ox771fe71c, Ox4e3d06fa,
Ox2965dcb9, Ox99e71dOf, Ox803e89d6, 0x5266˜825, Ox2e4cc978, Ox9clOb36a,
Oxc6150eba, Ox94e2ea78, Oxa5fc3c53, OxleOa2df4, Oxf2f74ea7, Ox361d2b3d,
Ox1939260f, Ox19c27960, Ox5223a708, Oxf71312b6, Oxebadfe6e, Oxeac31f66,
Oxe3bc4595, Oxa67bc883, Oxb17f37d1, OxOlEcff28, Oxc332ddef, Oxbe6c5aa5,
0x65582185, Ox68ab9802, Oxeecea50f, Oxdb2f953b, OxPaef7dad, Ox5b6e2f84,
Ox1521b628, 0x29076170, Oxecdd4775, Ox619f1510, Ox13cca830, Oxeb61bd96,
Ox0334fele, Oxaa0363cf, Oxb5735c90, Ox4c70a239, Oxd59e9eOb, Oxcbaadel4,
Oxeecc86bc, Ox60622ca7, Ox9cab5cab, Oxb2f3846e, Ox648bleaf, Ox19bdfOca,
Oxa02369b9, Ox655abb50, Ox40685a32, Ox3c2ab4b3, Ox319ee9d5, Oxc021b8f7,
Ox9b540b19, Ox875fa099, Ox95f7997e, Ox623d7da8, Oxf837889a, Ox97e32d77,

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Oxlled935f, 0x16681281, OxOe358829, Oxc7e61fd6, Ox96dedfa1, Ox7858ba99,
Ox57f584a5, Oxlb227263, Ox9b83c3ff, Oxlac24696, Oxcdb30aeb, Ox532e3054,
OxEfd948e4, Ox6dbc3128, Ox58ebf2ef, Ox34c6ffea, Oxfe28ed61, Oxee7c3c73,
Ox5d4a14d9, Oxe864b7e3, Ox42105d14, Ox203e13e0, Ox45eee2b6, Oxa3aaabea,
Oxdb6c4f15, Oxfacb4fd0, Oxc742f442, Oxef6abbb5, Ox654f3bld, Ox41cd2105,
Oxd81e799e, Ox86854dc7, Oxe44b476a, Ox3d816250, Oxcf62alf2, Ox5b8d2646,
Oxfc8883a0, Oxclc7b6a3, Ox7f1524c3, Ox69cb7492, Ox47848aOb, Ox5692b285,
Ox095bbf00, Oxad19489d, Ox1462b174, Ox23820e00, Ox58428d2a, OxOc55f5ea,
Oxldadf43e, Ox233f7061, Ox3372f092, Ox8d937e41, Oxd65fecf1, Ox6c223bdb,
Ox7cde3759, Oxcbee7460, Ox4085f2a7, Oxce77326e, Oxa6078084, Ox19f8509e,
Oxe8efd855, Ox61d99735, Oxa969a7aa, 0˜˜50˜06˜2, Ox5a04abfc, Ox800bcadc,
Ox9e447a2e, 0˜˜3453484, Oxfdd56705, OxOele9ec9, Oxdb73dbd3, Ox105588cd,
Ox675fda79, Oxe3674340, 0˜˜5˜43465, Ox713e38d8, Ox3d28f89e, Oxf16dff20,
Ox153e21e7, OxEfb03d4a, Oxe6e39f2b, Oxdb83adf71;
unsigned long ks2[1 = {
Oxe93d5a68, Ox948140f7, Oxf64c261c, 0x94692934, Ox411520f7, Ox7602d4f7,
Oxbcf46b2e, Oxd4a20068, Oxd4082471, Ox3320f46a, Ox43b7d4b7, Ox500061af,
Oxle39f62e, 0x97244546, Ox14214f74, Oxbf8b8840, Ox4d95fcld, Ox96b591af,
Ox70f4ddd3, Ox66a02f45, Oxbfbc09ec, Ox03bd9785, Ox7facGdd0, Ox31cb8504,
Ox96eb27b3, Ox55fd3941, Oxda2547e6, OxabcaOaga, 0x28507825, Ox530429f4,
OxOa2c86da, Oxe9b66dfb, Ox68dc1462, Oxd7486900, Ox680ecOa4, Ox27a18dee,
Ox4f3ffea2, Oxe887ad8c, Oxb58ce006, Ox7af4d6b6, Oxaacele7c, Oxd3375fec,
Oxce78a399, Ox406b2a42, Ox20fe9e35, Oxd9f385b9, Oxee39d7ab, Ox3b124e8b,
Oxldc9faf7, Ox4b6d1856, Ox26a36631, Oxeae397b2, Ox3a6efa74, Oxdd5b4332,
Ox6841e7f7, Oxca7820fb, OxfbOaf54e, OxdEfeb397, Ox454056ac, Oxba489527,
Ox55533a3a, Ox20838d87, Oxfe6ba9b7, Oxd096954b, Ox55a867bc, Oxa1159a58,
Oxcca92963, Ox99eldb33, Oxa62a4a56, Ox3f3125f9, Ox5ef47elc, Ox9029317c,
Oxfdf8e802, Ox04272f70, Ox80bb155c, Ox05282ce3, Ox95c11548, Oxe4c66d22,
Ox48c1133f, Oxc70f86dc, Ox07f9c9ee, Ox41041fOf, Ox404779a4, Ox5d886e17,
Ox325f51eb, Oxd59bcOd1, OxfPbccl8f, 0x41113564, Ox257b7834, Ox602a9c60,
Oxdff8e8a3, Oxlf636clb, OxOe12b4c2, Ox02e1329e, Oxaf664fd1, Oxcad18115,
Ox6b2395e0, Ox333e92e1, Ox3b240b62, Oxeebeb922, Ox85b2a20e, Oxe6baOd99,
Oxde720c8c, Ox2da2f728, Oxd0127845, Ox95b794fd, Ox647d0862, Oxe7ccf5f0,
Ox5449a36f, Ox877d48fa, Oxc39dfd27, Oxf33e8dle, OxOa476341, Ox992eff74,
Ox3a6f6eab, Oxf4f8fd37, Oxa812dc60, Oxalebddf8, Ox991be14c, Oxdb6e6bOd,
Oxc67b5510, Ox6d672c37, Ox2765d43b, OxdcdOe804, Oxf1290dc7, OxccOOffa3,
Oxb5390f92, Ox690fedOb, Ox667b9ffb, Oxcedb7d9c, Oxa091cfOb, Oxd9155ea3,
Oxbb132f88, Ox515bad24, Ox7b9479bf, Ox763bd6eb, Ox37392eb3, Oxcc115979,
Ox8026e297, Oxf42e312d, Ox6842ada7, Oxc66a2b3b, Ox12754ccc, Ox782efllc,
Ox6a124237, Oxb79251e7, Ox06albbe6, Ox4bfb6350, Oxla6b1018, Oxllcaedfa,
Ox3d25bdd8, Oxe2elc3c9, 0x44421659, OxOa121386, Oxd90cecGe, Oxd5abeaPa,
Ox64af674e, Oxda86a85f, Oxbebfe988, Ox64e4c3fe, Ox9dbc8057, OxfOf7c086,
Ox60787bf8, Ox6003604d, Oxdlfd8346, Oxf6381fb0, Ox7745ae04, Oxd736fccc,
Ox83426b33, OxfOleab71, Oxb0804187, Ox3c005e5f, Ox77a057be, Oxbde8ae24,
0x55464299, Oxbf582e61, Ox4e58f48f, Oxf2ddfda2, Oxf474ef38, Ox8789bdc2,
Ox5366f9c3, Oxc8b38e74, Oxb475f255, Ox46fcd9b9, Ox7aeb2661, Ox8blddf84,
Ox846aOe79, Ox915f95e2, Ox466e598e, Ox20b45770, Ox8cd55591, Oxc902de4c,
Oxb90bace1, Oxbb8205d0, Oxlla86248, Ox7574a99e, Oxb77f19b6, OxeOa9dc09,
Ox662d09a1, 0˜˜4324633, Oxe85alf02, Ox09fObe8c, Ox4a99a025, Oxld6efe10,
Oxlab93dld, OxOba5a4df, Oxa186f20f, Ox2868f169, Oxdcb7da83, Ox573906fe,
OxalePcegb, Ox4fcd7f52, Ox50115e01, Oxa70683fa, Oxa002b5c4, OxOde6d027,
Ox9af88c27, Ox773f8641, 0˜˜3604˜06, Ox61a806b5, Oxf0177a28, OxcOf586e0,
Ox006058aa, Ox30dc7d62, Oxlle69ed7, Ox2338ea63, Ox53c2dd94, 0˜˜2˜21634,
Oxbbcbee56, Ox90bcb6de, Oxebfc7da1, Oxce591d76, Ox6f05e409, Ox4b7c0188,

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Source Code

Ox39720a3d, Ox7c927c24, Ox86e3725f, Ox724d9db9, Oxlac15bb4, Oxd39eb8fc,
Oxed545578, Ox08fca5b5, Oxd83d7cd3, Ox4dadOfc4, Oxle50ef5e, Oxb161e6f8,
Oxa28514d9, Ox6c51133c, Ox6fd5c7e7, Ox56e14ec4, Ox362abfce, Oxddc6c837,
Oxd79a3234, 0x92638212, Ox670efa8e, Ox406000eOt;
unsigned long ks3[1 = {
Ox3a39ce37, Oxd3faf5cf, Oxabc27737, Ox5ac52dlb, Ox5cb0679e, Ox4fa33742,
Oxd3822740, Ox99bc9bbe, Oxd5118e9d, OxbfOf7315, Oxd62dlc7e, Oxc700c47b,
Oxb78clb6b, Ox21a19045, Oxb26eblbe, Ox6a366eb4, Ox5748ab2f, Oxbc946e79,
Oxc6a376d2, Ox6549c2c8, Ox530ff8ee, Ox468dde7d, Oxd5730ald, Ox4cd04dc6,
Ox2939bbdb, Oxa9ba4650, Oxac9526e8, Oxbe5ee304, Oxalfad5f0, Ox6a2d519a,
Ox63ef8ce2, Ox9a86ee22, Oxc089c2b8, Ox43242ef6, Oxa51e03aa, Ox9cf2dOa4,
Ox83c061ba, Ox9be96a4d, Ox8fe51550, Oxba645bd6, Ox2826a2f9, Oxa73a3ae1,
Ox4ba99586, Oxef5562e9, Oxc72fefd3, Oxf752f7da, Ox3f046f69, Ox77faOa59,
Ox80e4a915, Ox87b08601, Ox9b09e6ad, Ox3b3ee593, Oxe990fd5a, Ox9e34d797,
Ox2cfOb7d9, Ox022bEb51, Ox96d5ac3a, Ox017da67d, Oxdlcf3ed6, Ox7c7d2d28,
Oxlf9f25cf, Oxadf2b89b, Ox5ad6b472, Ox5a88f54c, Oxe029ac71, Oxe019a5e6,
Ox47bOacfd, Oxed93fa9b, Oxe8d3c48d, Ox283b57cc, Oxf8d56629, Ox79132e28,
Ox785f0191, Oxed756055, Oxf7960e44, Oxe3d35e8c, Ox15056dd4, OxEEf46dba,
Ox03a16125, Ox0564fObd, Oxc3eb9e15, Ox3c9057a2, Ox97271aec, Oxa93a072a,
Oxlb3f6d9b, Oxle6321f5, Oxf59c66fb, Ox26dcf319, Ox7533d928, Oxb155fdf5,
0x03563482, Ox8aba3cbb, 0x28517711, Oxc20ad9f8, Oxabcc5167, Oxccad925f,
Ox4de81751, Ox3830dc8e, Ox379d5862, Ox9320f991, Oxea7a90c2, Oxfb3e7bce,
Ox5121ce64, Ox774fbe32, OxaEb6e37e, Oxc3293d46, Ox48de5369, Ox6413e680,
Oxa2ae0810, Oxdd6db224, Ox69852dfd, 0x09072166, Oxb39a460a, Ox6445cOdd,
Ox586cdecf, Oxlc20c8ae, Ox5bbef7dd, Oxlb588d40, Oxccd2017f, Ox6bb4e3bb,
Oxdda26a7e, Ox3a59ff45, Ox3e350a44, Oxbcb4cdd5, Ox72eacea8, Oxfa6484bb,
Ox8d6612ae, Oxbf3c6f47, Oxd29be463, Ox542f5d9e, Oxaec2771b, Oxf64e6370,
Ox740eOd8d, Oxe75b1357, Oxf8721671, Oxaf537d5d, Ox4040cb08, Ox4eb4e2cc,
Ox34d2466a, Ox0115af84, Oxelb00428, Ox95983ald, Ox06b89fb4, Oxce6ea048,
Ox6f3f3b82, Ox3520ab82, Ox277227f8, Ox611560b1, Oxe7933fdc,
Oxbb3a792b, Ox344525bd, Oxa08839e1, Ox51ce794b, Ox2f32c9b7, DxaOlfbac9,
OxeOlcc87e, Oxbcc7dlf6, OxcfOlllc3, Oxale8aac7, Oxla908749, Oxd44fbd9a,
OxdOdadecb, Oxd50ada38, Ox0339c32a, Oxc6913667, Ox8df9317c, OxeOb12b4f,
Oxf79e59b7, Ox43f5bb3a, Oxf2d519ff, Ox27d9459c, Oxbf97222c, Ox15e6fc2a,
OxOf91fc71, Ox9b941525, Oxfae59361, Oxceb69ceb, Oxc2a86459, OxlPbaa8d1,
Oxb6c1075e, Oxe3056aOc, OxlOd25065, Oxcb03a442, OxeOec6eOe, Ox1698db3b,
Ox4c98aObe, Ox3278e964, Ox9flf9532, OxeOd392df, Oxd3a0342b, Ox8971f21e,
OxlbOa7441, Ox4ba3348c, Oxc5be7120, Oxc37632d8, Oxdf359f8d, Ox9b992f2e,
Oxe60b6f47, OxOfe3flld, Oxe54cda54, Oxledad891, Oxce6279cf, Oxcd3e7e6f,
Ox1618b166, Oxfd2cld05, Ox848fd2c5, Oxf6fb2299, Oxf523f357, Oxa6327623,
Ox93a83531, Ox56cccd02, Oxacf08162, Ox5a75ebb5, Ox6e163697, Ox88d273cc,
Oxde966292, Ox81b949d0, Ox4c50901b, 0x71˜65614, Oxe6c6c7bd, Ox327a140a,
Ox45eld006, Oxc3f27b9a, Oxc9aa53fd, Ox62a80f00, Oxbb25bfe2, Ox35bdd2f6,
0x71126905, Oxb2040222, Oxb6cbcf7c, Oxcd769c2b, Ox53113ec0, Ox1640e3d3,
Ox38abbd60, Ox2547adf0, Oxba38209c, Oxf746ce76, Ox77afalc5, 0x20756060,
Ox85cbfe4e, Ox8ae88dd8, Ox7aaaf9b0, Ox4cf9aa7e, Ox1948c25c, Ox02fb8a8c,
OxOlc36ae4, OxdGebelf9, Ox90d4f869, Oxa65cdea0, Ox3f09252d, Oxc208e69f,
Oxb74e6132, Oxce77e25b, Ox578fdfe3, Ox3ac372e6);

/* Initialize s-boxes without file read. */
c->S[Ol[il = ksO[il;
c->S[ll[i] = ksl[il;
c->S[P][i] = ks2[il;

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c->S[3][il = ks3Cil;

j = 0;
for (i = 0; i < N + 2; ++i) 1
data = 0x00000000;
for (k = 0; k < 4; ++k) 1 '
data = (data << 8) ( key[jl;
if (j >= keybytes) 1
j = 0;
c->P[il = c->P[il n data;

data1 = 0x00000000;
datar = 0x00000000;

for (i = 0; i < N + 2; i += 2) 1
Blowfish-encipher(c,&datal, &datar);

c->P[il = datal;
c->P[i + 11 = datar;

for (i = 0; i < 4; ++i) I
for Cj = 0; j < 256; j += 2) 1

Blowfish-encipher(c,&datal, &datar);

c->S[il[jl = datal;
c->S[il[j + 11 = datar;

void blf-key(blf-ctx *c, char *k, int lenI

void blf-enc(blf-ctx *c, unsigned long *data, int blocks){
unsigned long *d;
int i;

d = data;
d += 2;

void blf-dec(blf-ctx *c, unsigned long *data, int blocks){
unsigned long *d;
int i;

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Source Code

d = data;
d += 2;

void main(void)i
blf-ctx c;
char key[]="AAAAA";
unsigned long data[lOl;
int i;

for(i=O;i<lO;i++) data[il = i;

for(i=O;i<lO;i+=2) printf("Block %Old decrypts to: %081x %081x.\n",

OxObOb /* round constant of first encryption round */
#define STRT-E
#define STRTLD Oxblbl /* round constant of first decryption round */
NMBR 11 /* number of rounds is 11

typedef unsigned long int word32 ;
/* the program only works correctly if long = 32bits */
typedef unsigned long ˜4;
typedef unsigned char ul;

typedef struct 1
u4 k[31,ki[31, ercon[NMBR+ll,drcon[NMBR+ll;
t twy-ctx;

I* Note: encrypt and decrypt expect full blocks--padding blocks is
caller's responsibility. All bulk encryption is done in
ECB mode by these calls. Other modes may be added easily

I* destroy: Context. */
/* Scrub context of all sensitive data. */
void twy-destroy(twy-ctx *);

/* encrypt: Context, ptr to data block, # of blocks. */
void twy-enc(twy-ctx *, u4 *, int);

/* decrypt: Context, ptr to data block, # of blocks. */
void twy_dec(twy-ctx *, u4 *, int);

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/* key: Context, ptr to key data. */
void twyykey(twy-ctx *, u4 *);

,* A˜˜ODE..............----------˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜-˜˜-˜-------------- *,
/* End of AC code prototypes and structures. */
,* .-....................˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜------˜----.-˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜˜.. *,

void mu(word32 *a) /* inverts the order of the bits of a */
int i ;
word32 bL31 ;

b[Ol = bCl1 = b[21 = 0 ;
for-( i=O ; i<32 ; i++ )

b[Ol <<= 1 ; b[ll <<= 1 ; b[21 <<= 1 ;
if(a[Ol&l) b[21 I= 1 ;
if(a[ll&l) b[ll I= 1 ;
if(a[21&1) b[Ol I= 1 ;
a[21 >>= 1 ;
a[01 >>= 1 ; a[11 >>= 1;
a[01 = b[Ol ; a[11 = b[ll ; a[21 = bL21 ;

void gamma(word32 *a) /* the nonlinear step */

word32 b[31 ;

(aCllI(-a[2111 ;
b[Ol = a[01 h
(aC211(-a[Ol)) ;
b[ll = a111 A
b[21 = a[21 h (aCOlIC-aLlI)) ;
a[01 = b[Ol a[11 = b[ll ; a[21 = bC21 ;

void theta(word32 *a) /* the linear step */
word32 bL31;

= a[01 h (a[01>>16) A (a[11<<16) h (a[11>>16) h (a[21<<16) h
(a[11>>24) A (a[21<<8) A A (a[01<<24) A
(a[21>>16) A (a[01<<16) A (a[21>>24) A (aLO]<< ;
= a[11 A (a[11>>16) A (a[21<<16) h (a[21>>16) A (aC01<<16) A
(a[21>>24) n (a[01<<8) h h (a[11<<24) A
(a[01>>16) Ih (a[11<<16) A (a[01>>24) h (aC11<<8) ;
h (a[01<<16) n (a[01>>16) h (aC11<<16) A
b[21 = aC21 h (aC21>>16)
A (aC21<<24) A
(a[01>>24) n (aC11<<8) h (a[11>>8)
(a[11>>16) n (aC21<<16) A A (aC21<<8) ;

a[01 = b[Ol ; a[11 = b[ll ; a[21 = bC21 ;

void piLl(word32 *a)

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Source Code

a[01 = (a[Ol>>lO) A (a[01<<22);
a[21 = (aC21<<1) n (a[21>>31);

void piL2Cword32 *a)

a[01 = (a[O]<<l) A (a[01>>31);
a[21 = (a[2]>>10) A (a[21<<22);

void rho(word32 *a) I* the round function */
theta(a) ;
pi-l(a) ;
gamma(a) ;
piL2Ca) ;

void rndcon-gen(word32 strt,word32 *rtab)
I* generates the round constants */
int i ;

for(i=O ; i<=NMBR ; i++ )
rtab[il = strt ;
strt <<= 1 ;
if( strt&OxlOOOO 1 str t n= 0x1101

I* Modified slightly to fit the caller's needs. *I
void encrypt(twy-ctx *c, word32 *a)
char i ;
for( i=O ; i<NMBR ; i++ )

b[o, n= c->k[Ol A (c->ercon[il<<l6) ;
a[11 A= c->k[ll ;
a[21 n= c->k[21 A c->ercon[il ;
rho(a) ;
a[01 h= c->k[Ol A (c->ercon[NMBRl<<lG) ;
a[l] n= c->k[ll ;
a[2] A= c->k[21 A c->ercon[NMBRl ;
theta(a) ;

I* Modified slightly to meet caller's needs. *I
void decrypt(twy-ctx *c, word32 *a)
char i ;

mu(a) ;

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for-( i=O ; i<NMBR ; i++ )

a[O] A= c->ki[O] A (c->drconCil<<lG) ;
a[l] I\= c->ki[ll ;
a[2] h= c->ki[21 h c->drcon[il ;
rho(a) ;
a[01 h= c->ki[Ol A (c->drcon[NMBRl<<lG) ;
a[l] I\= c->ki[ll ;
a[2] n= c->ki[21 A c->drcon[NMBRl ;
theta(a) ;
mu(a) ;

void twy-key(twy-ctx *c, u4 *key){
c->ki[Ol = c->k[Ol = keyLO];
c->ki[ll = c->k[ll = key[ll;
c->ki[Pl = c->k[21 = keyL21;

/* Encrypt in ECB mode. *I
void twy-enc(twy-ctx *c, u4 *data, int blkcnt){
u4 "d;
int i;

d = data;
for(i=O;i<blkcnt;i++) {
d +=3;

I* Decrypt in ECB mode. *I
void twy-dec(twy-ctx *c, u4 *data, int blkcnt)(
u4 "d;
int i;

d = data;

I* Scrub sensitive values from memory before deallocating. */
void twy-destroy(twy-ctx *c)(
int i;

for(i=O;i<3;i++) c->k[i] = c->ki[i] = 0;

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Source Code

void printveccchar *chrs, word32 *d){
: %081x %081x %081x \n",chrs,d[2l,d[ll,d[Ol);

twy-ctx gc;
int i:

I* Test vector 1. *I


˜'**********\n 11);
printvec("KEY = ",k);
printvec("PLAIN = ",a);
printvec("CIPHER = ",a);

I* Test vector 2. *I


˜˜**********\n" );
printvec("KEY = ",k);
printvec("PLAIN = ",a);
printvec("CIPHER = ',a);

/* Test vector 3. */


˜**********\n˜) ;
printvec("KEY = ",k);
printvec("PLAIN = ",a);
printvec("CIPHER = ",a);

I* Test vector 4. *I


"**********\n m) ;

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printvec("KEY = ",k);
printvec("PLAIN = ",a);
printvec("CIPHER = ",a);


: ODOOOOOO00000000 00000000
plaintext : 00000001 00000001 00000001
ciphertext : ad21ecf7 83ae9dc4 4059c76e

: 00000004 00000005 00000006
plaintext : OOOODOOl OOOOODD2 00000003
ciphertext : cab920cd d6144138 d2f05b5e

: bcdefOl2 456789ab def01234
plaintext : 01234567 9abcdefO 23456789
ciphertext : 7cdb76b2 9cdddb6d Daa55dbb

: cab920cd d6144138 d2f05b5e
plaintext : ad21ecf7 83ae9dc4 4059c76e
ciphertext : 15b155ed 6b13f17c 478ea871

I* Enc/dec test: */
for(i=O;i<9;i++) a[il=i;
for(i=D;i<g;i+=3) printf("Block %Old encrypts to %081x %081x %OElx\n",


for(i=O;i<9;i+=3) printf("Block %Old decrypts to %081x %081x %081x\n",

#include <stdio.h>

I* An RC5 context needs to know how many rounds it has, and its subkeys. *I
typedef struct 1
u4 *xk;
int nr;
f rc5-ctx;

/* Where possible, these should be replaced with actual rotate instructions.
For Turbo C++, this is done with -1rotl and -1rotr. *I

#define RDTL32(X,C) (((X)<<(C))I((X)>>(32-(C))))
#define ROTR32(X,C) (((X)>>(C))I((X)<<(32-(C))))

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Source Code

/* Function prototypes fordealing with RC5 basic operations. */
void rc5_init(rc55ctx *, int);
void rc5_destroy(rc5_ctx *I;
void rc5_key(rc5_ctx *, ul *, int);
void rc5_encrypt(rc5_ctx *, u4 *, int);
void rc5_decrypt(rc5_ctx *, u4 *, int);

/* Function implementations for RC5. */

/* Scrub out all sensitive values. */
void rc5_destroy(rc5_ctx *c)l
int i;
for(i=O;i<(c->nr)*Z+Z;i++) c->xk[il=O;

/* Allocate memory for rc5 context's xk and such. */
void rc5_init(rc5_ctx *c, int rounds){
c>nr = rounds;
c->xk = (˜4 *) malloc(4*(rounds*Z+Z));

void rc5-encrypt(rc5-ctx *c, u4 *data, int blocks)1
u4 *d,*sk;
int h,i,rc;

d = data;
sk = (c->xk)+2;
d[Ol += c->xk[Ol;
d[ll += c->xk[ll;
d[Ol h= d[ll.
rc = d[ll & il;
d[ol = ROTL32(d[Ol,rc);
d[Ol += sk[il;
d[ll n= d[Ol.
rc I d[Ol & 31;
d[ll = ROTL32(d[ll,rc);
d[ll += sk[i+ll;
/*printf("Round %03d : %081x %081x sk= %081x %081x\n",i/2,


void rc5_decrypt(rc5_ctx *c, u4 *data, int blocks){
u4 *d,*sk;
int h,i,rc;

d = data;
sk = (c->xk)+2;
for(i=c->nr*Z-2 ;i>=O ;i-=2){


. 2
( 8)