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348 Globalisation and the Western Legal Tradition

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Averroism, 109
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Afghanistan, 36, 219
Baker, John, 168
African Charter of Human and Peoples™
Balkans, 199, 210, 219, 221
Rights, 233
Barth, Karl, 54, 177
Afrikaners, 204
Bartolus, 130“1
AIDS, 219
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Bulgaria, 256
Austria, 140, 194, 214“15, 256
Bull, Hedley, 95
autobiography, 56“8, 66, 74“6
350 Globalisation and the Western Legal Tradition

lex mercatoria, 280“2, 283
Burgundy, 80, 84
Coke, Edward, 158, 160
Burke, Edmund, 177, 193, 242
Cologne, Bishop of, 97
Bush, George W., 220
colonialism, 32, 133, 136, 200, 214,
Byzantium, 4
214“15, 233
common heritage of mankind, 33“4,
Calvin, John, 155, 166
Canada, 204
common law. See ius commune
canon law, 107“8, 118, 120, 125, 139,
comparative law, 34“5
148, 149“50, 164, 277
Concert of Europe, 193“4
Canute, King, 36
Congo, 32, 83
Constantine, Emperor, 86, 87, 92, 148“9,
ethics, 249
globalist jurisprudence and, 247“51
contact zones, 43
Protestantism and, 144, 161“7
Carlyle, A. J., 87“8
choice of law, 104, 293
Carolingian empire, 4, 79“80, 82“4, 96,
EU contract law, 280, 282“7
98, 139
lex mercatoria, 275
Castells, Manuel, 304
private governance, 287“92
Castro, Fidel, 245
Roman law, 286
Catherine of Aragon, 147
social contract, 294
chaos theory, 26“7, 30
UNIDROIT principles, 280“1
Charlemagne, 82“4, 98, 139
Contractarian School, 206, 208
Charles V, Emperor, 147, 151, 154
cosmopolitanism, 33, 192
child labour, 306“7
Coudenhove-Kalergi, Richard, 215
China, 17, 42, 222, 245
Council of Europe, 262
Christ, 85“6, 107, 129, 130, 155“6,
Cover, Robert, 68“9, 71, 72, 73
157n63, 161, 164n95, 177
Cranmer, Thomas, 155
Christian IV, King of Denmark, 140
Cuba, 245
see also God; Holy Roman Empire;
cultural relativism, 232“5
Protestantism; Reformations;
European Union and, 269“71
Roman Catholic Church
foundation of nation-states, 196“202
imagined community, 198
global culture, 40
medieval world view, 299
language, 44, 197“8, 199
survival, 248
law and culture, 71“2, 293
Churchill, Winston, 217, 225“6
nomos, 19, 70“4, 160, 183, 251, 307
Cicero, Marcus Tullius, 109
rationality and, 70“4, 307
cities, 116, 119, 122, 126
custom, 19, 71“2
civil law, codes, 187
Cyprus, 256
civil society
Czech Republic, 256
legitimacy, 42
world civil society, 33, 41“2, 214, 229,
Dalhuisen, Jan, 275
Danes, 83
Clement I, Pope, 85
Daniel, Prophet, 83, 135, 153
Clement V, Pope, 149
Dante Alighieri, 99, 129
Clement VII, Pope, 147
Dark Ages, 81“2
Cluny, 97, 98, 100
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Coca-Cola, 31
Davies, Norman, 11, 49
Decretum Gratiani, 99, 152
codi¬cation mentality, 9, 179, 185“8,
Defenestration of Prague (1618), 140
190“2, 194
Demaratus, 71
European law, 283“7, 293
351 Index

general jurisprudence, 12“13
gleaning, 178
Christian democracy, 231
Holy Roman Empire and, 80
democratic de¬cit of IGOs, 42, 267“9
ius commune, 117, 121“6, 127
EU supranationality, 266“9, 292
juries, 106, 123
free market and, 250
land law, 122, 125
Denmark, 193, 256
legal in¬‚uence on EU, 258
Descartes, Ren©, 184, 186
legislative mentality, 146, 150, 158“61,
developing countries, 243“4
Dicey, A. V., 192
perpetuities, 90
Diogenes, 33
praemunire, 146, 147
dissenting judgments, 306“7
Protestant legal philosophy, 155“7
divinity. See God
Reformation, 106, 144, 146“50
Donation of Constantine, 87
restitution, 284
Dworkin, Ronald, 5, 6, 69
Revolution, 49, 173
Roman law and, 122“6, 286
East Asian tigers, 243“4
sovereignty model, 138
East Timor, 231
Ecclesiastes, 315
codi¬cation mentality, 186
Declaration of the Rights of Man and,
see also free trade; trade
apex of Western thinking, 248“9
deism, 185
economic citizenship, 40
European Union and, 259
European Union and, 255“6, 256“7
French Revolution, 179, 181, 184
Great Depression, 241
globalist jurisprudence and, 194“5
industrialisation, 198“200
industry and, 166
informational economy, 304
liberalism, 242
liberalism, 32, 177“8, 242“4, 249
philosophy, 176, 181, 186“8
market-states, 309
principles, 199
new God, 294
reason, 175, 184, 199
secularisation of economy, 176“8, 241
religious freedom, 184
Edward II, 277
rule of law, 183
Edward III, 122, 146, 159
Russia and, 4
Egypt, 194
secularisation, 193
Ehrlich, Eugen, 37, 75, 189“90
struggle for European community,
Eichmann, Adolf, 223
Einstein, Albert, 26, 60, 296, 297
environmental protection, 240, 246, 289
Eisermann, Johannes 169
Epistola Clementis, 85
Eliot, George, 313“15
Elton, Geo¬rey, 144
empire, Middle Ages, 93“4
All Souls™ Day, 101, 104
Endicott, Timothy, 156
Enlightenment, 199
French Declaration, 180, 183, 204
see also United Kingdom
twentieth-century human rights,
Act in Restraint of Appeals, 149, 159
Erastianism, 155
centralisation, 118, 121“2, 126
Estonia, 256
Channel Tunnel, 281
Ethelbert, King of Kent, 123
codi¬cation mentality, 192
commercial jurisdiction, 39
capitalism, 249
common law, 187, 191
global ethics, 235“40
contract law, 283
logos and nomos, 251
courts of piepowder, 277
sexual morality, 238
customary law, 120, 126
352 Globalisation and the Western Legal Tradition

eucharist, 161“3 European Union law
EURATOM, 257, 258 Amsterdam Treaty (1997), 267
Europe as constitutional law, 264“6
see also European Union Constitutional Treaty, 259“60
Christianity, 79 direct e¬ect, 260“1
competing medieval jurisdictions, EC Treaty, 257“8
105“6, 299 European Civil Code, 283“7, 293
decline of Christian Commonwealth, freedom principle, 264
128“38 human rights, 262“3
development of concept, 101 implied powers, 262
diversity, 79 Maastricht Treaty (1992), 258“9
emergence, 81“2 mutual recognition principle, 264
European public law, 128, 142, 174, new legal order, 261
175“6, 193 Nice Treaty (2001), 259, 267
feudalism, 88“93 principles, 264
League for the Union of Europe proportionality, 264
(1869), 194 sphere of containable disruption, 45
League of Princes, 173“4 subsidiarity, 66, 121, 263“4, 283
legal pluralism in emerging states, supranationality, 103
117“28 supremacy, 261“2
meaning, 4 treaty-making powers, 262
medieval legal education, 106“11 water directives, 39
post-Carolingian violence, 96 excommunication, 139
post-scholastic period, 129“31
Renaissance, 132“8 fair trade, 244
secular v. spiritual power, 85“8 fealty, 89“91
secularisation, 193 feminism, 232“3
struggle for community, 193“4, feudalism, 79, 82, 88“93, 105, 122, 139
215“16 Fiji, 207
territorial consolidation, 141“2 Finland, 256
tribalism, 81“2, 200 Finnis, John, 5, 234, 236
European Coal and Steel Community, Fortescue, John, 155
257, 258 France
European Convention on Human Rights, Capetian dynasty, 139
262 Carolingian empire, 82, 84
European Court of Human Rights, 231, centralisation, 118
262 Channel Tunnel, 281
European Court of Justice, 258, 261 cities, 119, 126
European Defence Community, 257 Civil Code, 9, 186, 191, 195
European Union codi¬cation, 158, 179, 185“6, 186“8,
antecedents, 216“18 191“2, 194, 282
Carolingian similarities, 83“4 Concert of Europe, 194
contractual basis, 269 constitutional authority, 181“4
democratic de¬cit, 266“9 contract law, 283, 290
economics and, 255“6 Declaration of the Rights of Man, 9,
European Parliament, 267 179“81, 182“3, 184, 190, 195, 227,
global signi¬cance, 271“3 229, 232, 233, 300“1
history, 256“60 divine right of kings, 173
law. See European Union law droit commun coutumier, 118
objectives, 225“6, 255“6, 311 European Union and, 255, 256, 258,
260, 265
political v. cultural community, 269“71
feudalism, 89
WTO disputes, 245
353 Index

¬lmmaking, 246 Germany
see also Holy Roman Empire
Frankish state, 197
academic opinions, 288
German relations, 216
arbitration, 288
ius commune, 117
Carlsbad Decrees (1819), 194
juristic vision, 178“88
Carolingian empire, 82, 84, 96
Locarno Pact (1925), 216
cities, 119“20, 126
medieval monarchy, 97
codi¬cation, 189
Parlement, 146, 158
Constitution, 312“13
Prussian War (1870), 194
Customs Union, 194
Reformation, 151
European Union and, 255, 258, 262,
religious wars, 135
restitution, 284
facing the past, 272
Revolution, 6“7, 49, 67n64, 173, 176,
feudalism, 88
178“9, 181“4, 187, 190, 191“2, 193,
Frankish state, 197
French relations, 216
secular v. church power, 146, 147
Historical School, 188“90, 280
sovereignty model, 138, 139
ius commune, 117, 118, 119“21, 126,
Thirty Years War, 140, 141
153, 189
UNSC veto, 42, 222
League of Nations and, 215
Western legal tradition, 4
Locarno Pact (1925), 216
World War I, 214“15
Nazis, 200, 203, 205, 216, 242
Yahoo judgment, 47
post-war division, 217
Franck, Thomas, 93, 202, 204, 206
Protestant legal philosophy, 152“5
Franks, 82, 197
Reformation, 106, 150, 151
Frederick Barbarossa, Emperor, 80
reformation ordinances, 157“8
Frederick the Great, 6
Reichskammergerickt, 121
Frederick V, Emperor, 140
reparations, 241
free trade
Roman law and, 286
GATT, 240“1
rule of law, 168
GATT exceptions, 244“7
Sachsenspiegel, 120
lex mercatoria, 276
Schö¬en, 120
Marx, 250
secular power, 147
principles, 241“4
Thirty Years War, 140
ultimate reality, 250
tribes, 81“2
universality, 240“7
uni¬cation, 118, 194, 199
Friedman, Thomas, 243
war crimes, 222
friendship, 207“8, 210
Western legal tradition, 4
Fukuyama, Francis, 205“6
World War I, 214“15
Fuller, Lon, 70
Giddens, Anthony, 30, 60
Glanvill, Ranulf de, 124
Galtung, Johan, 83“4, 227“8
gleaning, 178
Gascons, 83
Glenn, Patrick, 6, 13, 118, 284, 303
Gates, Bill, 308
GATT, 240“1, 244“7
concepts, 3, 25, 30“1, 34, 303“4
Gaul, 82
cosmopolitanism or, 33
Gay, Peter, 184
danger and opportunity, 16“19
Gelasius I, Pope, 86“7, 98
global community omelette, 36“7
Gellner, Ernest, 199
history, 27“9
general jurisprudence. See globalist
integrative concept, 36“42, 311“13
legal categories and, 34“6
generalities, 310“11
legal pluralism, 37“9
Gentili, Alberico, 135“6
354 Globalisation and the Western Legal Tradition

globalisation (cont.) Hanseatic League, 119“20
nation-states and, 210“12 Hart, H. L. A., 5, 6, 13
operation, 31“4 Hegel, Georg, 204“5, 206
popular usage, 29“30 Helmholtz, R. H., 117“18
private international law, 35 Henry I, King of England, 197
public international law, 35“6 Henry II, King of England, 106, 146
spheres of containable disruption, Henry II, King of France, 151
42“8 Henry VIII, King of England, 106, 144,
symbols and political change, 26“7 146“50, 154, 159, 160, 168
technology and, 25, 42 Herle, Chief Justice, 159
terminology, 15 Herodotus, 71


. 13
( 14)