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To improve your From Book News, Inc. , December 1, 1995
recommendations, rate An introduction to international financial markets, primarily for students in
this product:
an MBA program. The subject matter is the international financial markets
Not Rated for foreign exchange, eurocurrencies, and international bonds. The text
delineates the rules of the game for each of the three international financial
markets. The focus is on market action in an environment of which
government regulation is a part, an approach different from the widespread
one that takes market behavior as a given and concentrates on the
manipulation of markets through government policy. The prerequisites are
an introductory course in economics and an introductory course in statistics.
Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
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The publisher, Prentice Hall Business Publishing
Want it? Win it! Designed to provide students with a solid framework for exploring financial
Enter our Wish
markets, this best-selling text delineates the basic rules of the game in each
List Birthday
of the three major international financial markets -- foreign exchange,
eurocurrencies, and international bonds. Content is presented as the
(Must be 18 and over.)
prerequisite material for later courses in multinational corporate finance,
open-economy macroeconomics, and international banking.
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The Definitive Textbook on International Financial
Markets, December 17, 2000
Reviewer: City Clerk (see more about me) from Laissez Faire City
Interim Community, Costa Rica
A very readable (and detailed if you read those parts) introduction to the
subject of international finance.
The standard MBA text book, and one of a handful of finance books
recently deemed significant enough to be translated into Chinese.
Also, how can you resist a book with sections on topics such as 'Banking
Telecommunications and the Information Superspyway' as well as dry and
very detailed math on derivatives trading models.
Other reviews from the great and good:

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0132069881/qid%3D924154369/sr%3D1-1/107-4150100-9620542 (2 of 5) [12/04/2001 1:29:21]
Amazon.com: buying info: International Financial Markets

"This is the best text I have seen in international finance. Good work."
Stephen P. Magee, Department of Finance, University of Texas.
"Grabbe had taught several 'Market Wizards' to trade currencies--and this is
the book they recommend for understanding currency fundamentals." Dr.
Alexander Elder, Director, Financial Trading Seminars.
"This is an original and insightful presentation of material that is often
ignored or badly treated in other books." Richard J. Herring, Director,
Wharton Program in International Banking and Finance.
"An exceptionally well-written book with detailed coverage of the financial
markets in the international scene." Rahul Bishnoi, Department of Finance,
University of Wisconsin.
". . . too much detail on markets." [Name Omitted], Tufts University.
"Excellent book . . . teaches students about actual markets and financial
instruments..." J. A. Rosensweig, Yale University.
". . . an excellent and lucid analysis of the functioning of the international
money market." C. Lawrence, Columbia University.
"Last year I found your book in the Beijing Library (the National Library of
China) and had it xeroxed. . . Now I am cooperating with one of my friends
to translate it into Chinese . . . China is trying very hard to apply the market
mechanism to her economy." Zhang Bin, Industrial & Commercial Bank of
"By far the best book available. Well-written, up-to-date & accessible . . ."
Asim Erdilek, Case Western University.
"This is an excellent, challenging, well-written book." E. B. Fredrikson,
School of Management, Syracuse University.
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Amazon.com: buying info: International Financial Markets

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http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0132069881/qid%3D924154369/sr%3D1-1/107-4150100-9620542 (5 of 5) [12/04/2001 1:29:21]
The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe

Welcome to the Home Page of J. Orlin
. . . inspecting the global underbelly: privacy, money laundering, espionage.

"What forbids us to tell the truth, laughingly?"--Horace, Satires, I.24

DMT Rand Values: R 1 = US dollar .8982 R 1 = Yen 111.94 British Pound 1 = R 1.6088 Euro 1 = R .9958 Gold 1 oz. = R 285.73

The DSA Flaw in Open PGP, by J. Orlin
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Micropayments: Dial-a-Coke
City Times Mission Statement
Japan's Youth: Generation Slump
Today's News Privacy & Crypto
Recent Links Digital Finance
Passover War
Recent Articles Gold Market
End Ordinary Money Chaos & Fractals
Hacker Hired to Break into Russian
Investigation Java Encryption Code
Int Fin Markets Jack Parsons
News Behind News Bob--the Sex Candidate
Napster Goose Cooked?
Charles Hayes
Vince Foster
Kevin Costner & Fidel Castro Homepage Links
My PGP Keys
Short Stories
DNA Spray Mailing Address
Stock Broker Leaves $16,000 Tip
The Hat Color Problem orlingrabbe.com
***** www.xs4all.nl/˜kalliste

http://www.aci.net/kalliste/homepage.html (1 of 24) [12/04/2001 1:29:29]
The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe

The Ghost of Homepage Past

End of Ordinary Money, Part 1 End of Ordinary Money, Part 2
NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iran-Iraq War Crypto AG: NSA's Trojan Whore?
Charles Hayes: A Prison Interview Is the FBI Railroading Charles Hayes?
Michael Riconosciuto on Encryption ECHELON: Global Surveillance

April 9, 2001

The Laissez Faire City Times

In the Current Issue:
A Derivative Life, by J. Orlin Grabbe

Zoned Out, by Russell Madden

Bush and the GOP: They're All Socialists Now, by Michael Chapman

Make-Believe Campaign Finance Reform, by Tibor Machan

Panic Attack: the Green Scare, Part 2, by Jim Peron

Recent News Links
Note: the most recent links are below, at the end of this table. The
selected links here are temporary, and will slowly disappear.

Get your mind out of the political gutter and think about the
Jack Sarfatti

Curse of Lago Agrio Drug War threatens havoc in South America.

NSA Backdoors Why you shouldn't buy software made in the USA.

Russia's Road to How the Clinton administration exported government instead of
Corruption free enterprise.

Linux Crypto Guide to Linux encryption.

State Surveillance in
The spectrum of suspicion.
the Internet

Rijndael The Advanced Encryption Standard final choice.

Jerusalem The Red Heifer wants you to blow it up.

This is my body, my blood, my DNA sample. Now we just need a
Clone Jesus

http://www.aci.net/kalliste/homepage.html (2 of 24) [12/04/2001 1:29:29]
The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe

Survey by Big Brother's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Electronic Cash

Bank Fraud Who carries the risk of Internet bank fraud?

Turing's Enigma Alan Turing's Treatise on the Enigma Machine

Encrypted Voice Encrypted voice communication began the digital age.

Dromology The aethetics of war and deception.

QAZ The worm that ate Microsoft.

FinCEN Strategic
How the financial spies plan to keep busy the next 5 years.
Plan 2000-2005

Carnivore "Independent" Technical Review completed.

Break PGP Beware of keystroke monitors like this one.

Second Amendment Wiesenthal Nazis smear women's gun group.

Mexico's Secretary of State says the drug trade should be
Drug War

Holocaust Industry
How to make big bucks off the dead.

Astalavista Group The official site of underground information.

Dr. Dish The awesome satellite espionage series.

short wav file, music only (829 kb)

mp3 file, music only (500 kb)
Russian National
Anthem real audio file, music with chorus (987 kb)

wav file, complete music with chorus (2.09 meg)

Rubber Hose Crypto Security against compelled disclosure (.pdf file).



Cracking &
Reversing http://www.searchlores.org



Court order to seize encryption keys & passphrases via a
FBI Passphrase Theft
keystroke logger (.pdf file).

Morlocks Underground bases and tunnels.

Learn why the Branch Davidians were assassinated and the
The Wilcher Report
evidence burned. (Huge .pdf file.)

http://www.aci.net/kalliste/homepage.html (3 of 24) [12/04/2001 1:29:29]
The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe

Chinese Spying
How the Chinese collect foreign technological information.

Video Retrival The technology of spook spy cams.

"By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech may
Voices in Your Head be created." Such as: "I am your God. I command you to kill the
enemies of the government."

What astronomers found when they took over an NSA satellite
Inside the NSA
listening post.

PROMIS & the
Insight on the Inslaw PROMIS Scandal.

Underground Enter the world of hacking.

Riconosciuto &
PROMIS Trail Leads to Justice

Steganography A Tutorial.

How to Obscure Any URL: a lesson of interest to spammers,
Hiding URLs
terrorists, child pornographers, and the scum-sucking FBI.

Privacy Not Serious Flaw in OpenPGP

Military Plunder How to steal millions from the US Defense Department.

Cuba de mi Amor The Cuban Submarine Crisis

SS Attacks Privacy Organized Crime Raids Gold-Age

All is not lost”the unconquerable will,
And study of revenge, immortal hate,
And courage never to submit or yield.
”John Milton, Paradise Lost

Today's News Articles

Why Mathematicians Care About
Hat Color
Hamming codes.
BERKELEY, Calif., April 9 ” It takes a particularly clever puzzle to stump a mind
accustomed to performing mental gymnastics.

http://www.aci.net/kalliste/homepage.html (4 of 24) [12/04/2001 1:29:29]
The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe
So it's no ordinary puzzle that's spreading through networks of mathematicians like a
juicy bit of gossip. Known as "the hat problem" in its most popular incarnation, this
seemingly simple puzzle is consuming brain cycles at universities and research labs
across the country and has become a vibrant topic of discussion on the Internet.
The reason this problem is so captivating, mathematicians say, is that it is not just a
recreational puzzle to be solved and put away.
Rather, it has deep and unexpected connections to coding theory, an active area of
mathematical research with broad applications in telecommunications and computer
In their attempts to devise a complete solution to the problem, researchers are proving
new theorems in coding theory that may have applications well beyond mathematical
"This puzzle is unique since it connects to unsolved mathematical questions," said Dr.
Joe Buhler, deputy director of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute here and
a hat problem enthusiast.
The hat problem goes like this:
Three players enter a room and a red or blue hat is placed on each person's head. The
color of each hat is determined by a coin toss, with the outcome of one coin toss having
no effect on the others. Each person can see the other players' hats but not his own.
No communication of any sort is allowed, except for an initial strategy session before
the game begins. Once they have had a chance to look at the other hats, the players
must simultaneously guess the color of their own hats or pass. The group shares a
hypothetical $3 million prize if at least one player guesses correctly and no players
guess incorrectly.
The same game can be played with any number of players. The general problem is to
find a strategy for the group that maximizes its chances of winning the prize.
One obvious strategy for the players, for instance, would be for one player to always
guess "red" while the other players pass. This would give the group a 50 percent
chance of winning the prize. Can the group do better?
Most mathematicians initially think not. Since each person's hat color is independent
of the other players' colors and no communication is allowed, it seems impossible for
the players to learn anything just by looking at one another. All the players can do, it
seems, is guess.
"I tell someone the problem and they think they don't have the conditions right," said
Dr. Peter Winkler, director of fundamental mathematics research at Bell Labs of
Lucent Technologies in Murray Hill, N.J. "But if you try to prove it's impossible, it
doesn't quite work."
Mathematicians credit the problem to Dr. Todd Ebert, a computer science instructor
at the University of California at Irvine, who introduced it in his Ph.D. thesis at the
University of California at Santa Barbara in 1998.
Dr. Ebert said he discovered the problem's appeal only recently, when he offered extra
credit to his students for solving a seven-player version he called the "seven prisoners
Next thing he knew, the problem was posted on Internet news groups and in chat
rooms. "I started getting e-mail from all over the country," Dr. Ebert said.
Meanwhile, Dr. Winkler, a well- known collector and distributor of clever puzzles,
heard the problem from a colleague and spread it widely. It has cropped up at
Microsoft Research in Redmond, Wash., at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories in Palo
Alto, Calif., and at mathematics, statistics and computer science departments at

http://www.aci.net/kalliste/homepage.html (5 of 24) [12/04/2001 1:29:29]
The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe
universities across the country.
The problem has even spread to the Caribbean. At a workshop at a research institute
in Barbados, one hardy group of theoretical computer scientists stayed up late one
rum- soaked night, playing a drinking game based on the puzzle.
It spread to Berkeley after Dr. Winkler bumped into Dr. Elwyn Berlekamp, a
professor in the Berkeley math department, at a conference in New Orleans in
"I told him about the problem and next thing I knew he was leaving messages on my
hotel phone saying, `Great problem, haven't gotten it yet,' then finally, `I got it,' " Dr.
Winkler said. "I thought, with his knowledge of coding theory, he'd find that
approach, and he didn't disappoint me."
Dr. Berlekamp, a coding theory expert, said he figured out the solution to the simplest
case in about half an hour, but he saw the coding theory connection only while he was
falling asleep that night.
"If you look at old things that you know from a different angle, sometimes you can't
see them," he said.
The first thing Dr. Berlekamp saw was that in the three-player case, it is possible for
the group to win three- fourths of the time.
Three-fourths of the time, two of the players will have hats of the same color and the
third player's hat will be the opposite color. The group can win every time this
happens by using the following strategy: Once the game starts, each player looks at the
other two players' hats. If the two hats are different colors, he passes. If they are the
same color, the player guesses his own hat is the opposite color.
This way, every time the hat colors are distributed two and one, one player will guess
correctly and the others will pass, and the group will win the game. When all the hats
are the same color, however, all three players will guess incorrectly and the group will
"If you look at the total number of guesses made, it's still the case that half are right
and half wrong," Dr. Winkler said. "You only make progress if, when players are
guessing wrong, a great many are guessing wrong."
The strategy gets far more complicated for larger numbers of players.
Still, it all comes down to making sure that most of the time no one is wrong and
occasionally everyone is wrong at once.
As it turns out, this requirement can be perfectly met only when the number of players
is one less than a power of two (three, seven, 15 and so on.)
For example, in the game with 15 players, there is a strategy for which the group is
victorious 15 out of every 16 times they play.
This strategy can be described using elegant mathematical structures known as
Hamming codes. Hamming codes, named after Richard Hamming, the mathematician
who discovered them, are basic tools studied by engineering students all over the
Hamming codes straddle the boundary between two types of mathematical objects:
error correcting codes and covering codes.
Error correcting codes, techniques for correcting errors in data sent across noisy
channels, are used in everything from cell phones to compact discs. Covering codes can
be used to compress data so they take up less space in a computer's memory.
"Hamming codes are perfect structures, a lot like crystals, where you can't move an

http://www.aci.net/kalliste/homepage.html (6 of 24) [12/04/2001 1:29:29]
The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe
atom in them or they are completely destroyed," said Dr. Amin Shokrollahi, chief
scientist at Digital Fountain, which uses coding theory to speed up Internet data
transmissions. "When you take the hat problem apart and look at its core, you see
what you need are exactly Hamming codes."
When the game is played with fewer than nine players, the optimal solution can be
determined using various types of codes. For larger numbers that aren't one less than
a power of two, a strategy designed around the Hamming code solution works closer
and closer to 100 percent of the time as the number of players grows.
Dr. Hendrik Lenstra, a professor of mathematics at Berkeley, and Dr. Gadiel Seroussi,
director of information theory research at HP Labs, have developed a new type of
covering code to define an even better strategy for large numbers of players.
While their strategy is the best so far, they don't know that it is always optimal. The
optimal solution to the hat problem, for all numbers of players, is still unknown.
"We're still working on it," Dr. Seroussi said. "And as a consequence of working on
this problem, we've got some results in coding theory that are interesting in and of
For now, researchers say, it seems unlikely that a solution will have immediate
practical applications. Still, one never knows what the future might hold. "My
experience is that any mathematics I've done is useful eventually," Dr. Seroussi said.
Practically useful or not, for some researchers the hat problem has interesting social
implications. "I like problems that have philosophical punch lines," Dr. Berlekamp
said, citing two life lessons that can be gleaned from the puzzle:
"The first is that it's O.K. to be wrong as long as you contrive not to be wrong alone,"
he said. "The other, more important lesson is a need for teamwork that goes against
the grain of most mathematicians. If the evidence suggests someone on your team
knows more than you, you should keep your mouth shut.
"Most of us assume that each player's strategy is oriented toward him getting it right,
and it's not. It's the whole team."
The New York Times, April 10, 2001

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The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe
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The End of Ordinary Money
A series explaining the use of the monetary system for government surveillance, and
why the growth of the information superspyway will increasingly lead to a system of
anonymous digital cash. "The End of Ordinary Money, Part 1" appeared in Liberty
(July 1995) with the title "The End of Ordinary Money." Part 2 was published in Liberty
(November 1995) under the title "The Money Laundromat."
Read this if you want to know what this web
The End of Ordinary Money, Part 1
page is about.
The End of Ordinary Money, Part 2 And this one also.
How to Launder Money Learning the basic skills.
How to Launder Money in the Futures
How to give Hillary a bribe via cattle futures.
Another Whack Against GAK The government's grip on cryptology slips.
Plot to Spy on Banks Outlined in Memo from 1986 details NSC/DOJ plot to spy on
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non-anonymous "anonymity."
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Money Laundering: The BCCI Affair: The Bank of Criminals and Covert-Agents
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Senate Report
Information Technologies for Control of Money Laundering:

r Preface and Glossary (pdf)

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Chapter 2: The Mechanisms of Wire Transfer (pdf)

Chapter 3: Money Laundering and Law Enforcement (pdf)

Chapter 4: Technologies for Detecting Money Laundering (pdf)

Chapter 5: Privacy and Confidentiality (pdf)

Chapter 6: International Issues (pdf)

http://www.aci.net/kalliste/homepage.html (8 of 24) [12/04/2001 1:29:29]
The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe
Chapter 7: Conclusions and Policy Options (pdf)

Money Laundering: FATF Forty Recommendations (pdf)

Money Laundering: FATF Typologies Exercise (pdf)

Money Laundering: Rapid Growth of Casinos Makes Them Vulnerable (pdf)

Money Laundering: Needed Improvements for Reporting Suspicious Activities Are Planned (pdf)

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Private Banking: Raul Salinas, Citibank, and Alleged Money Laundering (pdf)

But wait . . . There's more below!
Digital Cash: see the articles in "News Behind the News"

Cryptology: see the articles on cryptology in "News Behind the News"

How to Investigate the Investigators
Two articles explaining how to do your own financial investigations of politicians,
government officials, judges, and law enforcement people. The first part, a motivational
piece, is my introduction to a Jim Norman article explaining the efforts of a group of
Fifth Column hackers who do just that. I don't agree with everything in Norman's
article, but it's a good intro to the second article, which explains the basics of detecting
unexplained sources of wealth (which often as not may be bribes, kickbacks, or payoffs
from the Cali cartel). The second article appeared (without my permission) in Media
Bypass (March 1996) under the title "Hackers vs. Politicians."
Hackers vs. Politicians, Part I

Hackers vs. Politicians, Part II


America's Dreyfus Affair: The
Parts 1-6. Essay by David Martin.
Case of the Death of Vince Foster

An investigation put together by an inquisitive
citizen, Carol Valentine, without benefit of
Waco Holocaust Electronic
subpoenas and wiretaps. After you visit the
Museum, reflect on the shabby "investigation"
conducted by the House of Representatives in 1995.
The John Doe Times Info on the Oklahoma City bombing.
Charles R. Smith follows the money trail of U.S.
crypto policy.
Document collection on privacy, cryptology,
John Young Architect's Cryptome
military technology.
The report of Commander William S. Donaldson,
Interim Report on the Crash of
TWA Flight 800 and the Actions of USN Ret. in cooperation with Associated Retired
the NTSB and the FBI Aviation Professionals.

http://www.aci.net/kalliste/homepage.html (9 of 24) [12/04/2001 1:29:29]
The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe

International Financial Markets, 3rd Edition
Click here to see table of contents, reviews, and ordering information.

The News Behind the News
Encroaching Tyranny & the Technology of Freedom
This section includes many articles on the news I wrote beginning in 1996 after my
Vince Foster series ran into too many national security information blackouts for
satisfactory completion. Most of the articles involve one or another of the principal
topics introduced in "The End of Ordinary Money." The unifying theme is individual
freedom and privacy in a world of government malfeasance, government surveillance,
and increasing tyranny.
In addition to my own articles, I have collected a lot of hard-to-find material written by
others. Within each news section, the articles are mostly listed chronologically.

The Internet and the Death of the News Monopoly Life without a priestly caste of editors.
Leslie Stahl comes to Reno, while Mike
60 Minutes Attacks Area 51!
Wallace fondles his cash.
Calculation of the Drudge Report damage
How Much is Sidney Blumenthal's Reputation
Worth? to a sleazy smear artist.

Is the FBI Railroading Charles Hayes? The answer is Yes.
The U.S. Government plots to bomb its own
Affidavit of Robert M. Hayes
consulate to "simulate terrorism".
Michael Riconosciuto on Encryption Comments from architect of the PROMIS backdoor.
The collapse of the Russian ruble. Bill Clinton's
Who is Leo Wanta?
short-term notes.
Cash stashed for George Bush, Bill Casey, Vince
CIA Proprietary Companies?
Foster, Bill Clinton--and others living and dead?
Big Sky Cartel Zero's In Politicians and the FBI involved in Montana drugs.
Interview with Chip Tatum Terry Nelson, Montana Drugs, Chuck Hayes, etc.
Perhaps the only accurate account of the drug &
The Tatum Chronicles
arms "Enterprise" of North, Clinton & Bush.
Child Sex in Montana More northern attractions.
Charles Hayes: A Prison Interview The future of politics.
Info on the drug trade, from the files of Michael
The Last Circle
Riconosciuto ( whose role is misinterpreted).
The Case Against Jonathan Pollard Seymour Hersh examines the rape of U.S. security.
Eric Margolis explains that wishing doesn't make it
Jonathan Pollard Was No Jewish Patriot
Pollard stole NSA 10-vol radio signals information
The Sins of Jonathan Pollard
All material implicating Clinton was classified by
The Redacted Cox Report
White House.

http://www.aci.net/kalliste/homepage.html (10 of 24) [12/04/2001 1:29:29]
The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe

The report of the President's Foreign Intelligence
Nuclear Lab Security
Advisory Board.
Strategic Intelligence Spooky stuff.
Comment on PROMIS article Clueless con man discovers the past.

A Guide to Digital Cash Articles on My
Read this first for background.
Appeared as "Introduction to Digital Cash" in
Liberty (July 1998) and in the SIRS
Digital Cash and the Future of Money
Renaissance data base (1999).
Concepts in Digital Cash Basic concepts necessary to get started.
We gonna regulate, just as soon as we figure
Digital Cash and the Regulators
out what it is.
The Mathematical Ideas Behind Digital Cash Speech to Libertarian Party of Colorado.
Secure credit card systems. iKP, SET, EMV,
Internet Payment Schemes, Part 1 CyberCash, First Virtual, FBOI, BankNet,
Open Financial Exchange.
Adventures in Prague. Debt-Credit systems.
Internet Payment Schemes, Part 2
NetCheque, Netbill, and CyberCoin.
Digital cash systems. NetCash, Mondex, &
Internet Payment Schemes, Part 3
Digicash ecash.
Cryptography and Number Theory for Digital
A tutorial.
A digital cash system with real privacy.
Stefan Brands' System of Digital Cash Consistency between the on-line & off-line
Digital Signatures Illustrated A tutorial.
Smart Cards and Private Currencies The technology of Hayek's dream.

October Country
The Year 2000 Problem in Perspective
Financial Regulators Year 2000 Resources


How Big Brother took over the financial
The End of Ordinary Money, Part 1
Your banker is a snitch. Money laundering law
The End of Ordinary Money, Part 2
& digital cash.
Protect yourself from government and private
Social Security Numbers as Identification
Tokens databases.
Encryption for the masses. Get your free PGP
The International PGP Home Page
Russian PGP Homepage
Forget RSA. Use Diffie-Hellman (which is
PGP Faq: Diffie Hellman vs. RSA
really El Gamal).
Transferring Defense Technology to Law
Voice recognition and other matters.
The costs of monitoring have dropped. We
Communications Privacy in a Digital Age
need to take steps to increase them.
Department of Justice Guidelines for Seizing
[Coming soon.]

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We want to know where your money is and
The World Financial Police Attack Anonymity
what you are doing with it.
How governments keep the sheep obediently in
Technologies of Political Control
A global agreement, centered at the NSA, to
ECHELON: Global Surveillance
spy on citizens.
The National Academy of Sciences examines
Trust in Cyberspace
network security.
More on international tapping via "back
The Hidden Hand of ILETS
doors" and ENFOPOL.
European Parliament report on Echelon and
Interception Capabilities 2000
Communications Spying.
An NSA backdoor? Probably not, but
Microsoft's "NSA Backdoor"
Microsoft "security" is clearly a myth.
Document introduction by Jeffrey T.
National Security Agency Declassified
With commentary by intelligence author
National Security Agency Documents
Jeffrey T. Richelson.

Nightmare on Clipper Street, part
Security Risks in Government-Mandated "Key Recovery"
Encryption, China, RSA, and Banking Following the money code.
Comments from architect of the
Michael Riconosciuto on Encryption
PROMIS backdoor.
Cryptography and Number Theory for Digital Cash A tutorial.
Public key cryptography and
How Secure is America's Nuclear Arsenal?
nuclear weapons.
How the NSA bugged international
NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran War
cryptography software.
Letter from Bill Payne Regarding Cryptography at Sandia
More on how the NSA bugged
Crypto AG: The NSA's Trojan Whore? international cryptography
Digital Signatures Illustrated A tutorial.
The DES Algorithm Illustrated A tutorial.
William H. Payne explains how to
Black and White Test of Cryptographic Algorithms
choose an algorithm.
Global agreement on cryptography
The Wassenaar Invasion of Privacy
International Cryptography Freedom Protect the world from Wassenaar.
Crack of GSM Cell Phones
Crack of Microsoft's PPTP Protocol Virtual Un-Private Networks.
Deep Crack: The EFF Builds Computer to Crack DES
Smart Card Tamper Resistance--a Cautionary Note
Cracking Smart Cards with Differential Power Analysis
Cracking Smart Cards with Fault Analysis.
Timing Attacks on Implementations of Diffie Hellman, RSA,
DSS, and Other Systems
The Uncensored Walsh Report on Encryption Technologies
The network linking US spook

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How cryptography is used in
Permissive Action Links
nuclear weapons.
All 15 chapters and index available
Handbook of Applied Cryptography
on-line (see the middle of the page).
Bruce Schneier's book is available
Applied Cryptography
on-line also.

The House secret report forcasting war between Syria
Scenario for War in the Middle East
and Israel and the possible use of nuclear weapons.
Leaked Report Says War May Be Near
Platt's Oilgram News discovers my web page.
in Mideast
The Nukes of Hazard South Africa, Israel, Iran, Iraq.
The Third Temple: Blueprint for War? A "simulation" altar.
NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran
How the NSA helped out Saddam Hussein.
Mossad Agent Faked Syrian "War"
Deception served political agenda?


How governments turn bankers into rich
Here Come the Zombies
Bad loans and bodies in the French
Credit Lyonnais & L.F. Rothschild Ready to
Topple laundry.
History of the Euro The single European currency.
The Asian Financial Crisis in Perspective The bubble rotation.
The Year 2000 Problem in Perspective Y2K and the end of time as we know it.
Gold in the international financial system.
The Gold Market, Part 1
The London Gold Fixing.
Spot gold trading. The London Bullion
The Gold Market, Part 2
Market Association.
Gold lease and libor rates. The forward
The Gold Market, Part 3
price of gold. Gold swaps.
The World Trade Center bombing and the
The Gold Market, Part 4 gold market. Gold futures. Exchange for
Gold FRAs. Gold interest-rate swaps. Gold
The Gold Market, Part 5
interest-rate guarantees.
Gold options. Options as insurance
The Gold Market, Part 6
When pundits say "the expansion will last
And Now, the Financial Apocalypse
forever," the end is near.
Stocks and Bonds Go Down Together The peculiar economics of Mafia Bonds.
Visions of paradise and the collapse of the
The Collapse of the New World Order
Global Free Lunch.
The Credit Crunch The core of the July-October 1997 crash.
The Eye of the Storm The Global Free Lunch is back. Oh, Joy!
How to price commodity spread options
Copper-Bottom Pricing
with negative strikes.
Chaos and Fractals in Financial Markets, Part 1
Chaos and Fractals in Financial Markets, Part 2
Chaos and Fractals in Financial Markets, Part 3
Chaos and Fractals in Financial Markets, Part 4
Chaos and Fractals in Financial Markets, Part 5

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Chaos and Fractals in Financial Markets, Part 6


Assassination politics. The wrath of the IRS. Jim
The Jim Bell Files
Bell's Theorem. And more.
Report of the Defense Science Board Task
Force on Information Warfare
Industrial Espionage Today & Information
Wars of Tomorrow (pdf)
Industrial Espionage Through Social
Engineering (pdf)
Information Warfare, INFOSEC, and
Dynamic Information Defense (pdf)
FSTAC: Financial Services Risk Assessment
FSTAC: Electric Power Risk Assessment
GAO: Computer Attacks at Department of
Defense (pdf)
There may be risk from cyberterror. But are
Cyberterror and Cyberhype
officials this clueless qualified to judge?

The role of Jackson Stephen's software firm
The White House "Big Brother" Data Base &
Systematics in creating security holes both in
How Jackson Stephens Precipitated a Banking
White House and commercial banking
The White House Downloaded And mad as hell about it, too.
The FBI turned over about 2045 files to the
Will Filegate Bring Down the FBI?
White House.
Is the WHODB Clinton's Frankenstein
Bill's computers watch Bill.
Artificial intelligence, a payoff, a PROMIS
Webb Hubbell and Big Brother (WHODB)
conversion, a fired Secret Service agent.
Fund-Raiser's Use of White House Database
Secret project keeps track of political donors.
Safire on Clinton's Data Base Some "mean hacker" set to attack WHODB?
Click on "Investigative Reports", then click on
Insight Magazine reports on WHODB
"White House Scandals".

First, gas and burn the children. Then bury the
Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
evidence with a bulldozer.
Waco: The Illegal Search Warrant "Zee Big One"--funding time at the BATF.
The Commander at Ft. Hood, Texas,
The mad bomber of Yugoslavia himself.
During the Waco Massacre
Nine days before the first bloody raid it was all
ATF Agents Go Shooting with David
Koresh buddy-buddy.
Texas Ranger Report on the Branch
Waco was a professional hit.


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TWA Flight 800 was taken out at
around 7000 feet altitude by an
apparent Stinger missile. A terrorist
The Downing of TWA Flight 800
group connected to Syria gave
advance warning and said there would
be five more.
101 fast reasons to keep on eye on
Syria and TWA Flight 800
The President takes a train ride. The
Bill Clinton's Choo-Choo modified warhead on the missile that
took down TWA Flight 800.
Some details on the missile that took
The Phosphorus-Headed Missile and TWA Flight 800
out TWA Flight 800.
The New York Post almost gets the
Witnesses Confirm Missile Took Down TWA 800
story right, but not quite.
Agent of Defense Intelligence Agency
DIA on TWA 800 Missile, by John McCaslin
speaks to congress.
Ian Goddard shows clear evidence of
TWA 800 Investigation Cover-Up: The Proof
an FBI cover-up.
The FBI, as usual, covers up the
The Syrian Connection to the Dhahran Bombing
What May Have Happened to TWA800 A boat offshore . . .
TWA 800: "I Saw an Ordnance Explosion"
Former Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Revives
Missile Theory
Crash Test Dummies More on the botched investigation.
The report of Commander William S.
Interim Report on the Crash of TWA Flight 800 and the Donaldson, USN Ret. in cooperation
Actions of the NTSB and the FBI with Associated Retired Aviation
Cmdr. William S. Donaldson, III,
Clinton Involved in Coverup of TWA800 Terrorist
Missile USN, Ret.
The New American interviews
TWA 800 Shootdown
William S. Donaldson.
Boeing says missile may have downed
TWA 800

FBI falsifies evidence and commits
Misconduct Allegations Arise in FBI Lab Probe
You weren't supposed to know about
FBI Suspends Oklahoma City Whistle-blower
the contaminated evidence.
Case Against Oklahoma Bomb Suspect Collapses Another government sting gone awry?
Secret Pentagon Report on Oklahoma City
More than a sting gone bad.
Bombing--Evidence of a Inside Job?
The John Doe Times Info on the Oklahoma City bombing.
One more attempt to bury the truth
Oklahoma City, Government-Paid Neo-Nazis, and the
FCC about the Oklahoma City bombing.
Rep. Charles Key on the Facts of the Oklahoma
DOJ Report on FBI Crime Lab How to lie with forensics.
Stephen Jones, attorney for Timothy
Writ of Mandamus McVeigh, on the evidence in the OKC

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Kirk Lyons, Attorney for Andreas Strassmeir, Responds
Report that Elohim City leader Millar
John Doe Times Special Edition
is FBI informant.
ATF Memo says Carol Howe "key" to identifying
Elohim City/OKC bomb link
General Says Four Charges Destroyed Murrah Federal
Niki Deutchman Interview
Press Conference of Charles Key re OKC Bombing
Foreknowledge and the Response
New Evidence of OKC Bomb Cover-up


FBI Director Louis Freeh fails to receive a
Was Freeh Fired?--Or Is It Only a Glitch paycheck because the computer says he was
in the FBI's Files? terminated, and the 101 Airborne arrives in Saudia
Arabia. (On their way to Syria?)
The FBI and Terrorism More crimes of the FBI.
Why Congress should withdraw all funding from
The Dickheads are Still Desperate
the FBI.
DOJ Report on FBI Crime Lab How to lie with forensics.
Open Letter to Louis Freeh on Montana
G-men who smuggle drugs.
The report of Commander William S. Donaldson,
Interim Report on the Crash of TWA
Flight 800 and the Actions of the NTSB USN Ret. in cooperation with
and the FBI Associated Retired Aviation Professionals.
The FBI's Project Megiddo (.pdf) The FBI's plan for the Apocalypse.
FBI Shutter Speed FBI tries to censor Y2K movie.
Get your Freeh shit here. The Times Square video
Subversive Instinct
is back on the web.

Get your tax refund in a baggie, and visit two governors going
Is the IRS Dealing Crack?
to jail.
IRS Files for Sale Buy someone's IRS file for $500.
Join the IRS: Deal Crack
Cocaine-dealing IRS employees still on the payroll.
with Pay!


Bill Clinton's Cocaine Habit Our President does five lines a day.
A high-level Democratic delegation asks Clinton
Clinton & Iran not to run again for President. Israeli radio says
U.S. to bomb Iranian targets.
The Presidential Crisis The present danger in Presidential politics.
General Noriega, Barry Seal, and Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton and the Missing $100 Million become suspects regarding millions in missing
cocaine money.
Clinton, Dole, Starr, Tucker, Patton, Credit
October Surprises Lyonnais, and Pulsar Data Systems may all have
October Surprises.
Happy Birthday, Mr President! Clinton turns fifty.
The President takes a train ride. The modified
Bill Clinton's Choo-Choo warhead on the missile that took down TWA
Flight 800.
The Monster Threatens Starr Temper tantrums.

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First find some Belgian--er, Kurdish babies,
How to Create a War
then call in Hill & Knowlton.
Turning the military budget into a political slush
Clinton Flips a Coin and Bombs Iraq
Clinton rearranges Iraqi sand, the FBI sucks
Brother Bill's Bad Week wind, and the crematorium at Mena lurks in the
Hillary Clinton Puts Out a Contract on Dick Hillary plots to murder her competition, using
Morris government thugs from I-3.
Top Ten Reasons Bill Clinton Resigned Read these, then make up your own.
Clinton in a Box Clinton has lost the war, both home and abroad.
Did someone take the nuclear trigger away from
What Happened to the Football?
Bill Clinton?
The cozy world of Bill Clinton, Jackson
Tenacious Tentacles
Stephens, and Mochtar Riady.
Hillary helps Richard Mellon Scaife and
Hillary Clinton, Lafarge, and Kennametal
Jackson Stephens arm Iraq.
Hail to the Cokehead Walking a mile in Bill Clinton's shoes.
Nothing has changed with respect to Clinton's
What Election?
What if Clinton Never Returned? Some wishful thinking.
More Top Ten Reasons Bill Clinton Resigned Fun things to say at the Inaugural Ball.
Sex with Hillary What one has to do to get a press conference.
Kenneth Starr's Departure Could be
By John Crudele.
Clintons' Worst Nightmare
The White House Cult Now it can be told.
Mexican Madness Pendejo in paradise.
London Sunday Times: Bonking Bill
Campaign Finance Report
The Starr Report
Hyde's 81 Questions
Starr's Testimony to the House Judiciary
Follow the Money
The Senate Trial
Clinton Body Count Links


More than meets the eye in the crash of
Ron Brown's Loose Lips Seal His Fate
Brown's plane.
Database of Ron Brown's Foreign Trade Missions
An Interview with AFIP Forensic Pathologist
The Botched Ron Brown Investigation:


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